i.s.h.med Medication 

Made several enhancements to existing UIBB (= abab webdynpro functionality) within the medication module. This is the smartui version that runs in the Netweaver Bussines Client.

Developed an integration with an external Clinical Check module witch runs on an separate servr. For the integration we used the i.s.h.med broker called MCI. For this classes where developed to gather and send data. After this integration was finished several UIBB’s where extended in order to call the this external module.    

Integrated the LSP module with SapGui. This module is an C# class library that interacts with a card reader in order create tokens. For this a Dll was developed in C# that acts als bride between the SapGui and the C# class library. In Abap the brigde is called through an OLE object. In this development we also used several webservice. For this several wsdl files where imported into the abap system witch created a Abap framework.